Friday, June 24, 2005


If we don´t make sport, it isn´t happen....

Yesterday, when i was dancing my dance´s partner when she was jumping she fell to the ground and she sprain one´s ankle. She began to cry, because she couldn´t dance this saturday and also because it was the third time that she spain her ankle.
My teacher always says to us: Please, be carefull wiht yours ankles and your knees, because you can do an injury!, she says this all the time, but it is irremediable.
This happen in the ten minutes before finished the class, and my teacher and i had to go to the hospital. So teh class didn´t finish very well.
So if tomorrow you want to dance with us, please come in!!!! :), :)
Lots of kisses
ehemmm.... (Portuguesse but... understandable!)

I hope you'll have enough with this....
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