Friday, June 24, 2005


All pass

It seem a lie as pass the time. More or less the last year, we were very nervous because we started a new cycle. We left our schools and we came to the university.
All seem very dificult, very long, and now we finish the second year here.
I want and also i don´t want to finish it, because the next year ( if god want ) we´ll finished our cycle and each of us gone to differents ways, and i wouldn´t like to lost the contact with the people, althoug lot of them i will not seen more.
In this university, i meet good friends, very good friends and also i meet with excelents teachers. I learn lot of things, that i believed that there aren´t important.
I only want to say to this people that i never forgot them, and they know, Maria ( teacher) you too!!!!!
People could remember me for differens things, for example,Jesus, when you listen the song " can´t fly the moon...." you remember to me, or another example, charlie, when you listen somebody say: "i´ll pass the English exam? please, put me in a paper you´ll pass the exam!, you also remember to me!!!! :)
Also rememeber me Lucia,Mar, lot of things, that i begin to say , i will not finished!!!!
Well i finish here my little composition.
Lots of kisses
hi eli! I want to tell you that you are one of the best Toledo's dancer nowadays and i know yhat you'll reach VERY, VERY HIGH!!!

OH; and remember that YOU ARE GOING TO PASS ENGLISH IV!!!

pd.- ya tengo blog!!!
Hey Eli;

you also remember about me, when listen to a Shakira, Fergo or Vega songs, isn't it?

But, before finishing what about if you show us all what you learn in the dancer school? Plz..

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