Friday, June 24, 2005


The dance....

I think that all the class know that i am a dancing girl, welll in others words i would like to be a dancing girl, because at the moment i only try to get it.
The clasic dance it´s an art. I think that this or you like it a lot or you can hate it, because you get bored with it.
When people ask to me: "how old are you dancing?" and i answer their, that i have been dancing for eigteen years old. all the people say: and aren´t you bored?, and i say not, y like more each day.
When i am dancing, i forgot all, i only dance, and i don´t dance for the people look me, i dance for me, i don´t know how explain this, because it´s a santrnge situation.
I say that people must to see this and end judge this, because i meet with people that when i say " i dance classic dance", they answer me strange things like: it´s very bored or until they say "this is a nuisance!", but this isn´t certain, because i am opposite to nuisance!
I advise to people to they know this art.
Lots of kisses.

All pass

It seem a lie as pass the time. More or less the last year, we were very nervous because we started a new cycle. We left our schools and we came to the university.
All seem very dificult, very long, and now we finish the second year here.
I want and also i don´t want to finish it, because the next year ( if god want ) we´ll finished our cycle and each of us gone to differents ways, and i wouldn´t like to lost the contact with the people, althoug lot of them i will not seen more.
In this university, i meet good friends, very good friends and also i meet with excelents teachers. I learn lot of things, that i believed that there aren´t important.
I only want to say to this people that i never forgot them, and they know, Maria ( teacher) you too!!!!!
People could remember me for differens things, for example,Jesus, when you listen the song " can´t fly the moon...." you remember to me, or another example, charlie, when you listen somebody say: "i´ll pass the English exam? please, put me in a paper you´ll pass the exam!, you also remember to me!!!! :)
Also rememeber me Lucia,Mar, lot of things, that i begin to say , i will not finished!!!!
Well i finish here my little composition.
Lots of kisses

If we don´t make sport, it isn´t happen....

Yesterday, when i was dancing my dance´s partner when she was jumping she fell to the ground and she sprain one´s ankle. She began to cry, because she couldn´t dance this saturday and also because it was the third time that she spain her ankle.
My teacher always says to us: Please, be carefull wiht yours ankles and your knees, because you can do an injury!, she says this all the time, but it is irremediable.
This happen in the ten minutes before finished the class, and my teacher and i had to go to the hospital. So teh class didn´t finish very well.
So if tomorrow you want to dance with us, please come in!!!! :), :)
Lots of kisses

Wednesday, June 01, 2005



The last thursday, we were with the "hawaian" people.
It was a wonderful day ,because it was very enjoy and the people were very nice.
We were to show them Toledo, cathedral, museum, etc. until the Tajo´s river! but in this moment (in the river) I get burnt my shoulders, and Maria: how are you shoulders?, because you also are a little white ,like me and you too was get burnt! I hope tha you haven´t got red sholulders.
Well , when the hawaians returt to Madrid, i had to go to my house, because i had a lot of things that I must to do, but it wasn´t so funny.
Now I would liko to fly to Hawai, like mys colleagues, no? Well we think about this...
See you the next day. Kisses

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


To be a native teacher...

I think that be a native teacher is good and, also is bad. I believe that if you are in other country, for example England, and you aye spanish, you could be to native teacher and you can teach lot of things, because your pronunciation intonation, etc is the best there.

But in the other hand, I think that now there are, in all the places, a lot of native teachers, and although always they help, but i believe that is more difficult to find job in this work.

In the future, I would like to be a native teacher, because how this is my language, I could teach this more easier than anothers persons and in the best way, but I don´t now yet.

To sum up, I agree with the natives and in my opinion this teachers have more advantages that disadvantages.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Thanks for helping..

Hi! I´m here other time! Jesus thanks by helping to me for I can enter other time.
I don´t know very well that I can put here, because I haven´t got a lot of practise, but wel I try to write something. Now I go to eat, but after this I try to enter...
See you later. kisses .

Monday, April 18, 2005


my first post

Hello! I´m in the computers room and now i just have created my blog! I´m with Jesus because we are in bases pedagogicas class, so my first post is very very small, only to say hello.

see u later,

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